Tuscan Herb Balsamic Chicken Tenderloins

This chicken strip recipe was sent in by Carolyn from Winter Garden, Florida. Her daughters, Brianna and Bri absolutely loved these chicken strips. Also this recipe would be a great addition to your Superbowl party!

First: Coat each tenderloin with the following spices: Salt, pepper, garlic powder, and McCormick Garlic Roasted Herbs

Second: prepare glaze for grilling tenderloins in a small bowl: BROOC Organic Tuscan Herb Olive Oil & BROOC Traditional 18 year aged Balsamic Vinegar

Third: brush the olive oil and balsamic glaze over tenderloins while grilling...

Cook chicken until it is white inside.

Lastly: take off from grill and serve chicken with a drizzle of the BROOC Traditional 18 year aged Balsamic Vinegar.

Balsamic Vinegar. Your taste buds won't believe what they are tasting!

Bon apetit!


Carolyn Hill

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